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Managing and Testing Software for All Business Organizations 

COBOL programming testing software is an enabling tool for programmers that allow for faster Quality Assurance Testing. On mainframes, we have a work stoppage called an Abend. These can occur for several reasons such as coding logic errors, invalid data, storage violations and incorrect parameters for called and calling programs. Products like Abend-Aid and Xpediter allow for the capture of Abends and continued processing capabilities so that the programmer can complete testing the entire code in the program in a single online test session. 

The testing software that Marble Computer supports with Control/DCD and RES:

  • ISPF
  • Xpediter
  • Abend-Aid
  • Endevor
  • Changeman
  • Other z/OS mainframe tools

The Benefits of Testing Your Software Applications 

Problems with the software are a frequent occurrence for industries worldwide and the need to address them is vital. Testing your software is essential in pointing out potential errors during the development of an application. Testing software with strict test execution assures lower maintenance costs. Avoiding failures in your application can lead to reduced maintenance expenses in the later stages of application development. 

A professional programmer and application coder can determine that a software application is designed in a way that is logical and intuitive. Without testing software application developed code, this process would take months to complet rather than weeks or days. Testing software provides tools for a COBOL programmer to validate the code in test processes from Alpha, Beta, and QA. Alpha testing is defined as single program testing. Beta is multiple programs working together in systems or application tests. Quality Assurance is pre-production testing prior to turning over to the operations team.

Business Optimization and Quality Testing Services at Marble Computer 

Marble Computer’s testing software extends to the following: 

  • Functional testing
    Marble Computer testing tools help where the internal implementation and structure may be known or unknown to the coder. With Marble Computer software tools we can assure that your application fulfills all the requirements and works as expected, meeting a standard of quality before being released. 
  • Performance testing
    Load speed and downtime can lead to a slow-running site or cause your system to stay down for a lengthy period of time. Our software tools play an important role throughout the application lifecycle as the use the right tools and best practices for your business can avoid system failures for websites, APIs, applications, and more. 

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Marble Computer implements the best software practices, methodologies, and facilitate agile transformation for COBOL coding and migration as well. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of testing COBOL applications and what they further entail. 

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