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Legacy Modernization, DevOps, Cloud Migrations, COBOL 6.2 Conversion, Workload Management are all challenges for Mainframe Management and Technicians. At Marble, we have you covered. View Demo


Simplify Migration from IBM's COBOL V 4.2 to COBOL 6.2

Control/DCD – Aids in COBOL 6.2 Migration Projects from COBOL V 4.2 by providing detailed analysis of older COBOL programs for compliance with the new Enterprise COBOL Compilers including flagging items such as Invalid Data.


Legacy Modernization & Application Migrations

Re-engineer Mainframe Applications quickly and economically with: Control/DCDRES View Video


Document the IT Enterprise

Control/DCD - Digital Documentation Manual
Docet/EV - Automate Enterprise Wide Documentation


Programmer Techniques Used in Control/DCD


Marble Computer | Analytical and Application Management Software Company

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Marble Computer is one of the oldest Independent Software Vendors for IBM Mainframe organizations in the Southwest region. We provide enterprise organizations with COBOL development and maintenance software tools. We have been able to help businesses and government agencies with developing and maintaining COBOL applications on z/OS Mainframes. Contact us today to learn more about what our software company offers to prospective clients.

Why Excellence Matters | Make Marble Computer Your Software Company

Marble Computer is a small, veteran-owned software company that specializes in keeping the focus on mainframe software. Our software company excels in the area of analyzing  COBOL programs and applications. Marble Computer is the COBOL Analytics Company. When a company chooses us for our software they can expect the enhancement of speed, reaction, efficiency, and processing of their internal programs. 

The products our software company offers for clients include:

  • Control/DCD
  • COBOL v.6.2 Migration Software Tools
  • DCD/IV
  • RES
  • The Digital Documentation Manager
  • COBOL Analytics
  • The Alternate Compile Listing
  • COBOL Maintenance and Development Software Tools

Marble Computer Takes On All Perplexing Challenges

Application modernization is a fact of life for most IT organizations and any software company. The use of new computing platforms such as the Cloud as well as new mobile computing devices has created challenges far beyond one could ever imagine a few years ago. However, these Legacy Applications contain the mission-critical data processes of past generations. The key to success is to unearth these secrets and accurately upgrade these Legacy Applications or move them to new platforms as required. At Marble Computer, we have the software products to make this task easier.

A History of Our Clientele

Marble Computer has a long history of supporting enterprise computing clients that date back to 1976. Marble Computer delivers best-of-breed software tools for IBM mainframe customers to ensure the integrity, performance and analysis of their COBOL applications.

Our flagship product, Control/DCD, documents COBOL programs with our Digital Document Manual (DDM) technology.  Docet/EV documents the IT Enterprise. 

Marble Computer’s software tools focus on Dev/Ops, Legacy Modernization and Cloud Migration projects.

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The Tools We Incorporate Into Our Software Applications


RES is an advanced set of software products for documenting the IT Enterprise. Docet/EV is a must-have tool for Legacy Modernization, DevOps and Cloud Migration implementations.


Control/DCD is the latest version of the DCD (Data Correlation and Document) product. Control/DCD significantly reduces the cost of maintaining COBOL applications and produces the Digital Documentation Manual (DDM).

DCD Pre-Compiler for COBOL 6.2

Control/DCD has the necessary functionality to provide warnings and capture errors in older versions of IBM compilers. There are many types of errors that the Control/DCD pre-compiler will catch thus making migrations to enterprise COBOL compilers faster and less costly.

Featured Articles and White

Future of Cobol

Managing COBOL code for mainframe applications has become a difficult task. The shortage of experienced mainframe programmers has left organizations with little choice but to offshore the maintenance of the application code with less experienced programmers or try to develop in-house COBOL programming talent. We go out of our way to provide clients with the knowledge when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of COBOL.

White Paper – The Future of COBOL and COBOL Programmers

Marble Computer Welcomes Our Newest Control/DCD Clients

Below is a list of clients that we have proudly served. 

  • Dillard’s Department Stores
  • Anthem Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
  • Healthcare Services
  • Caterpillar
  • Social Security Administrations
  • State of California
  • State of Illinois
  • John Deere
  • State of Hawaii
  • State of Louisiana

Control DCD for Conversion to Cobol v.6.2

Control/DCD is a useful software tool for the conversion of COBOL applications to the new IBM COBOL compiler known as Version 6.2. For many large organizations, the continued use of the Mainframe platform is justified as a back-end data server. This is true for 2 reasons: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and security. We still find Mainframes to be processing large jobs that utilize COBOL code that dates back to 40 to 50 years. The “Tribal Knowledge” is long gone.

To read the full brochure or to download click here.

Control DCD Brochure

To be more specific with COBOL, source code on mainframe applications has also become a difficult task. The shortage of experienced COBOL mainframe programmers has left organizations with a dilemma regarding the maintenance of the application code. Most of today’s COBOL programmers have little knowledge of the Legacy Application’s logic or business rules. We have provided a brochure for Legacy Modernization Updates that you can click here or download full brochure.

IBM Reseller Announcement

Our software company is proud to be an IBM Business Partner reselling z/OS software products. Our focus will initially be on the application development tools, rational and problem determination tools.

Why Control/DCD is Useful for Moving Away from V 4.2

The observation made on our part is that companies are looking at what is needed for conversion to COBOL 6.2 and are moving at a glacial pace to do the conversion.

There may be several reasons for moving slowly and only one of these reasons may be the time it takes to convert the COBOL, yet the time to do the conversion is still a significant consideration.

Download the full Article Here.

“Those of you who are familiar with legacy systems know the widely cited stat: *70-80% of all business transactions worldwide are written in COBOL. That represents 220-350 Billion lines of COBOL Code. And there are roughly 1.5 Billion lines of new code created each year. *Gartner/IBM”

“Is COBOL the dinosaur language that will eventually go away? Think twice, Fortune 500 IT Executives must figure out who will maintain their mainframes when COBOL programmers retire in the future. The cost to convert is too expensive.”

“The Mainframe is not going away. Organizations worldwide run between 220-350 billion lines of code today. It would be a herculean feat to replace every single program with a new language without introducing detrimental bugs. Oh, and the cost would be in the Trillions of Dollars. *Gartner/IBM”

Our Customers

Choose Marble Computer for All Your Computing and Analytical Needs

COBOL has been around since 1960 and it still accounts for the majority of business transactions and processing functions of today. Our software company maintains COBOL to help companies understand how and why changes must be applied to their applications. Contact Marble Computer today to allow our software company to earn your trust and business. 

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